Of the tribe known as Fir Bolg which means ‘belly man’
Perhaps from them the myth of the Leprechaun had it’s source and began.
The brave little tribes of Ireland their rivals did not fear
Yet they were dispossessed by the invaders De Danaan or so it would appear
And though badly outnumbered they did not run away
And they went down with honour and their legend lives today.
Though in science and technology mankind has travelled far
Centuries before De Danaan and Fir Bolg on each other they’ve waged war
And men still wage war on their fellow men and encroach upon
their Land
And that we’ve not learned from history seems hard to understand.
And though the bones of the Fir Bolg have turned to earth and clay
The myths and legends of them alive and well today
They ruled in Tir na nog before the Tuatha De Danaan came
And in the Ireland of today they still live on in name.

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