Mintrels of salvation conditioned…
And prepared to say ‘cheese’
With the guaranteed backing,
Of an appropriate missionary squeeze.
Promoted to angelic heights…
They have become addicted to and love!
Hoping one day they too will be declared saints,
For a display of good behavior…
Exquisite manners and pristine etiquette!
Wishing to be considered good children,
For the rest of their lives!
That needed ‘fix’ keeps them affixed
To the crucifix as if their sacrifices
Are ones to be praised.
These actions keep them crazed…
And so entertaining!
In pews praying to be released,
From their own demonic fears applied.
As they request for a more repetitiousness,
To hear Lucifer’s name proclaimed from the pulpits!
By ordained and orthodox pimps!
Or whoever adorns a mask representing…
A disguised lust,
Probing the congregation for a mid-week tryst!
‘You can handle your sins my brothers and sisters.
Like I fondle my own.
For I too have sinned…
But don’t keep those tithes from coming in!
The more you give,
The more you will be deceived! ‘
Shouldn’t that be ‘received? ‘,
Reverand Hoodwinker?
‘You get my drift!
Just fill my pockets with your love!
That’s all I ask! ‘
And this has kept them insignificant.
With minds stripped and powerless.
Desposited into divine images of ludicrous concepts.
‘He’s got a new CD out you know? ‘
Who? Reverand Hoodwinker?
‘Ludicrous! I’m one of his biggest fans! ‘
Stunted they all are…
Between what ‘is’ real and what does not exist!
This has easily made them their own worse enemies.
Even gathering to march to ‘Zion’ to denounce injustices!
‘We’re marching to Zion!
Beautiful, beautful Zion!
We’re marching upward to Zion…
That beautiful city of God! ‘
I ‘thought’ we were Baptists?
Zionistically speaking!
Keep all heads bowed! ‘
What has been employed…
Will keep them totally worthless to anyone!
And they will be free to liquor up and pray,
As much as they wish!
To induce uplifting ‘spirits’.

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