Joy, grief, melancholy, comedy and tragedy are the outcome of all!
Musing, meditating and mystifying make man a great philosopher;
Beautifying, romancing, liking and loving satisfy emotion of all;
Cooling, solacing, relaxing and pacifying make all renovating!
Observing, knowing, visualizing and expressing are work of genius;
Enjoying, remembering, recollecting and composing poems poet do;
Analyzing, inferring, recommending and rectifying scientists do!
Mocking, rocking, knocking and panicking extremists do by terrorism;
Facing, fighting, destroying and winning soldiers do to bring peace;
Preaching, moralizing, redeeming and restoring the healers do to all!
Creating, protecting, preserving and destroying Almighty do to all;
Realizing, practising and reaching Ultimate One spiritualists do…!

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