some of my silver screen heroes.
First in the series just has to be
the best and the most loved
comedy duo who ever lived.
They have filled our world with laughter
while they were alive,
and are still doing it now
after they are long gone.
They were stars in their own right,
but together they soared to new heights.
They inspired a generation of comedians then
and they are inspiring generations now.
Two very talented men,
one from England – Stan Laurel.
One from America – Oliver Hardy.
Although their credits
do not always appear on their films,
they were a lot more than mere actors.
They wrote, directed and produced
hundreds and hundreds of films.
They first met as actor and director.
As Stan directed many of Oliver’s early films.
It was Mack Sennett who really set the world alight
when he put them together under the camera and spotlight.
He didn’t realise what he had done when he put together a team
who became friends, best friends
until death took both of them away.
This is just a small tribute from one of the millions
who have derived pleasure
from these two immortals
whose laughter will live on forever.
26 December 2007

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