Every day the senseless slaughter of innocents around the World only seems to multiply
For victory in this so called war on terror how many have to die?
Remember babies are not born as terrorists since terrorism we create
So many young people out there are prepared to die for God and State
And kill as many as they can kill in the process they see that as their key to heaven’s gate
And to some become dead heroes and be seen as truly great.
One form of violence does not defeat another this war on terror will not succeed
And each act of aggression leads to another and then to another lead
And always for the crimes of others some of the good with their lives must pay
Yet for to defeat the scourge of terrorism there is another way.
Feed the poor of third World Cities and their homes do not destroy
And do not dropp bombs on their suburbs from the dark of the night sky
You are only creating terrorists if you strip people of all hope
And to that awful pit of terror we’ll keep on sliding down the slope.
Just like the school yard bully he must defend his title every day
Till he gets toppled by another at the top he does not stay
And the boy who beat him will get beaten by another things always do happen that way
Violence always does lead to violence wise people have been known to say.
If you destroy a fellow’s home and kill his family he will never be your mate
Till the breath of life is in him for you he will only harbour hate
But if you help him and his family he will say how great you are
Violence never gets you anywhere whilst love and kindness takes you far.

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