Though in his Hometown of Penola and Nhill where he once lived they honour his fame
Not that many around the Victorian -South Australian border would know of him by name.
In his lifetime John Shaw Neilson himself did not promote
To creating beautiful poetry most of his spare time he used to devote
The author of such immortal lyrics as ‘Song Be Delicate’ and ‘The Orange Tree’
Died as he lived as one who knew poverty.
A gentle poor fellow who worked hard to get by
One could say of him he would not harm a fly
To Australian poetry so much he did give
The great poems he penned to his memory live.
Were he a great sports person he would have lived on in renown
Yet not known or not honoured much in his Hometown
And though as a writer he was great enough
Few wish to remember one who had lived it so tough.
One of Australia’s finest his type are so rare
And few poets with Neilson can hope to compare
A marvellous wordsmith and skilled at his trade
True poets are born they cannot be made.

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