Well, my writing may not be for you
You are grown up fool and you have another work to do
But why do I write, the question, pops up in my mind
Others say, writing is a kind of psycho therapy
Then promptly comes up a poet and asks
Do you mean then all writers are psycho patients?
OMG! OMG! How that could be? It is very insulting!
The reasons of my writing I silently search up
And two wonderful catalysts I find out
I think they are not illogical or absurd
If writers write for others
And talk about others instead of themselves
Lot of questions will rise and they will be in real troubles
If they write for themselves and play with their mind
That would be very nice and matters would remain cool
But I write for another reason and that is very personal
Before the write up I did not know what I was thinking
To know my wonderful thoughts I keep writing!

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