Yet whilst some have have scaled the World’s highest mountain some on climbing it have died
Their remains never to be found but for their goal at least they tried.
Some have never felt the wanderlust for places far away
In their Hometown they feel content and there grow old and gray
Their dream is to marry and raise their children where they first saw light of day
And live where their ancestors lived and there their bones will lay.
Each person has a dream as such some travel far and wide
To cities thousands of miles away from their home countryside
Their dream even in their school days to see the bigger World out there
Whilst afflicted by the wander bug they don’t feel settled anywhere.
Some people dream of great wealth as well as power and fame
And that their’s will live forever as an immortal name
They pursue their dream with a passion it becomes in them a need
To amass a great fortune their will is to succeed.
Some dream of love and happiness and wedded harmony
And of the one they dream of being with to raise a family
It saves us from depression and helps to keep up our self esteem
And life would seem rather pointless if we did not have a dream.

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