To the depths of Satan,
Do act exactly as she did;
For she is in bed naked and lonely and,
She is waiting for her lover.
Who will be with her?
Who will be with him?
He is also waiting for his lover but,
I am the lion along the path of peace.
Who wants her naked body?
Who wants her love?
And who is he that she is waiting for?
She is in love and lonely on her bed of roses.
Read exactly as he read and,
Do exactly as she does;
Seven stars and a flame of a fire!
She who has a nose will smell from her aroma;
But, do keep yourself very far from her.
Of the great voice behind me,
Your first love is looking for you;
So do catch them young exactly as she caught them,
For they who do have eyes will surely see her acts.
Let me teach you,
Let me love you,
And let me take you far away!
For you have to pay exactly as he paid.
I am the lion of the tribe of Yahdah,
And i am here to teach you more about life;
But, you have to read over and over to understand my lines.
Peace is not with the people of Satan,
So wake early before She does.

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