Hey, young!
To the realities of life you should be known,
Having sex
Are not so well games
Though these seem romantic and thrilling
In foxy enjoyment and climax;
But from the consequences like
Marrying and being life partner,
Having children,
Why are you too far?
Why do you seek the path of sin?
Like the most coward’s done abortion,
Killing the most innocent
Your own children;
Why are you willing to enjoy only?
Avoiding life’s meaning
Reaching time why are you gloomy?
Try to escape from reality
Then why are you quite strayed?
Identifying yourselves falling stars;
I ask you to advance forward
With the truth
And some other virtues like honesty
And work hard,
Seek life in reality,
Follow the real stars
Have been here,
And even after death who have made their path clear.

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