Boasting to boost punk temptations…
To bully someone,
To show sweet cowardice skills!
Chumps in secret gatherings,
To promote horrors unsuspecting!
Sneaking around like rats…
To attack anyone,
With a turned back!
Thinking these folks have no backbone,
For that kind of surprising entrapment,
By creeps unleashed!
Taught by bigots to pick on the weak.
Thinking those defenseless…
Are easy prey to overwhelm and defeat!
And yet your insecurities,
Show clearly through deceit!
But you stay away from those
Grown to adapt on urban streets!
Do you think you and yours would be beaten,
As a treat?
Thugs eventually find themselves locked up,
In prisons cells where they all seem to meet!
Picking this time…
Fresh young butt to discreetly seek,
When the guards patrolling fall to sleep!

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