Those who are blinded by an agenda picked,
Without facts that are offered to them…
But set with a mindset,
To appease a personal illness.
And this had been done with ease.
Unfortunate are those,
Deciding to choose the ones perceived,
As vulnerable.
Those they believed were without friends.
Those they have chosen,
To be open and defenseless.
Unfortunate are those with minds like this!
And they are the ones to ultimately suffer the most.
First to scream an unjustice has been done.
Although they are the ones,
To instigate…
Their own pain and defeat!
And exposed to be evil…
From discretions selected privately.
Now publicly observed as acts to deceive.
Unfortunate are the ones like these…
Regretting their actions,
At the expense of destroying their own lives.
Weeping and seeking…
Places to hide!

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