You won’t know what is called separation
It has no special lamp for indication
Some of the separations are observed by all
Since it is established fact and permanent call
Life and death can’t be separated
One is linked to other and nicely corroborated
No one can separate the soul from body
This can’t be done by anybody
It is divine need and felt necessarily
When that takes place it is accepted happily
Some of the separations are body concerns
It gets sour when spoiled in turn
Where you can’t pull on any more
The separation is wanted therefore
It can be self inflicted or imposed
In both the cases trust is never reposed
The urgency of separations is felt
It is severing of relation and hitting below belt
Sometimes you need isolation from growing discontentment
You need peace and live in secluded place devoid of any comments
It can be detachment or separation from existing world
Where you develop tendency to remain in control and look very cold
If you are inclined to positive thinking
None of the concern may lead to any type of sinking
You may take it as part of life and reach to conclusion
That this is your fate and must find honorable inclusion

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