Whom we should call what
We should clarify mind and sense
The perception explores the truth,
Minute difference should be observed.
A person may be of hope or joy,
A person may love to play with toy,
But sometimes he may fear to war
Something unusual may happen to him,
If a person is fleeing or escaping
With some unusual perception of his
From something to something unknown,
Then we can call him vluchteling!
A person never wants to leave motherland,
A person loves his nation and loves people,
Sometimes persecution frightens him
Or natural disaster threatens him a lot,
Or war like situation gives him puzzle,
Or war frightens him from his mind,
Then the man becomes highly stressed,
When he has been forced to leave,
With crying face in agony,
Then he is called a refugee.
A refugee surrenders in other country,
A vluchteling escapes and hides and searches
Both need accommodation but in diverse ways,
Both senses should be felt in depth.
© Kumarmani Mahakul,16 March 2020. All rights reserved.

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