No one I know has a magic wand,
To pass among anyone.
If you perceive life as chaotic,
It will be as chaotic as you wish.
Whatever you observed to nourish on…
Has been focused upon,
Until you made it exist.
Troubles and struggles of others ignored,
Did not have to find themselves resting…
Comfortably at your door!
Who decided they were yours?
Did you explore the origin of their existence?
It was you who turned your back.
You might have made them invisible to view…
Your wish to have them disappear,
Made it clear you were not!
On your door they came to knock.
Whether or not you keep them blocked.
Or despised.
Even medicated…
You can not hide them from your eyes!
The truth that once came to set you free…
Now bleeds within you internally.

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