governments and economies are
caving from within… the very
air we breathe is polluted, the
water we drink has been defiled.
sea life is being destroyed, and
the world food situation worsens
at an alarming rate… millions
live and die in poverty, millions
are homeless, without medical care…
masses of workers are unemployed,
children grow up on the streets
without hope, and end up in prison.
human rights are being violated,
or just plain taken. and people
are absolutely afraid of each other!
we have closed our eyes, and numbed
our souls for too long. now we stand
on the brink of disaster, and we’re
forced to wake up!
so what can one person do? one person
can live in a way that stands for truth…
one person can demand freedom, and equality.
one person can reach out a helping hand…
and when one person daring to live becomes
millions, we can move the stone from the
mouth of the cave!
but it all begins with one person… and
it begins right now, or its too damned late!

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