Criticism from friends and relatives
As they are critical and very subjective
You might excel in general way
Still some dejection may take you away
You may feel some deficiency
If you remain childless with lots of sufficiency
Life without kids is unimaginable
People may taunt you of being not capable
That may be insult hurled at you
You won’t be able to look trough
It is pinching you very deep
You can’t think more over it and weep
It is none of your fault
Still its impact is felt
You are not taken not lightly
Your fate is not expressed rightly
There may be some natural defect
Why people should think wrong and react?
Children are welcomed at right age and in time
They are taken as god’s gift and treated as such sometimes
They are creating environment very conducive to human mind
The child is link between all matters that is driving people blind
We are after all very sensitive to some of the insults
That is inherent and cowardly inbuilt
We can not come out of it even if tried
So many things are hidden and even lied

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