And what is discovered,
Once they find themselves entrapped…
By their own evil deeds?
Who do they go to?
To plead for forgiveness?
Especially when they have lead,
The character assassinations.
And one of the ones they chose to slander…
Becomes the one who controls their needs.
How ironic would that be?
To look into the eyes…
Of the one who is aware,
You were the one…
That made attempts,
To harm and circumvent…
With a life filled with despair!
How would you feel…
If someone like that,
You knew had stabbed you in the back?
And the opportunity comes to return the favor.
Would you have fun?
Doing to them what they have done?
Would you recognize,
Their souls will never find rest?
And it would be best…
To leave them in their anguish.

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