To live earthly with all the lies
True part of it never realizes
Hats of to a person who sees her self
A rare creature of God and gem of sea shelf
That is how you are supposed to live
Take oath and ardently believe
What is special thing in you?
Made of color, bones and flash through
A shape that is beautiful or ugly
Good reason to attract a person readily
We don’t know the reason behind
There is something yet to find
We may pass through every ordeal
Life then may seem to be fact and real
I won’t say everybody should pass through acid test
Some of us may have unexpected and very bet
Yet there is possibility of passing through rough weather
If he or she comes out of it may certainly add feather
Pray almighty for what has been granted
Accept for what has been denied and not wanted
Yet you are alive to witness and pass out
Life and its mission is exactly what you don’t think about
I give full marks to young lady who faces the uphill task
Come in grip of wolves who attack with masks
Yet there is resolve to stand against and fight for survival
With no let up in spirit and surge ahead for revival

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