It will hurt like pain never felt…
Or believed dealt with before!
Do not revenge it.
Even though it aches not to strike back.
Like some who believe,
They have been ordained to attack!
Forgive those involved!
That is the key!
And observe how God resolves your patience.
In ways you will witness in disbelief!
But hold onto your faith with a courage,
You should not chase or allow to leave.
No deed done goes ignored.
What goes up…
Comes down eventually!
And what goes around…
Has to come back.
And for millions observing,
The Earth is round and not flat!
Even thoughts that are tossed away…
Aren’t lost to stay that way!
Understand what is said and to ‘whom’ you pray!
When acts of evilness with intent are committed…
There is a higher power that knows just how to bestow
What is needed when the time is right!
Remember this…
Forgetting maybe something we are told,
And conditioned to believe we must do…
By those who chose to sell their souls,
To allow a brand of evilness to continue,
What it does to me and you.
As we weaken in droves!
The Almighty does not sit,
In that classroom of tricks!

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