I was full of fullness;
full of observation as
an angel, as a bee; and yet
no need to observe anything,
save that which called to me;
full of rest, which rests behind
all the day’s activities;
full of alertness, as an eagle
glides on the warming morning air
and watches for what wills;
the mind as clear as morning sky
waiting for what will pass across it;
full of a goodness which awaits
to know what might be asked of it;
full of truth, which waits for a question
to be asked, the heart to move,
eager ears to listen;
full of a beauty beyond all words,
yet to be praised in words;
full of poetry, which awaits
to be spoken when the moment
calls for words.
When I arose from prayer this morning
the Lord’s mercy had made the whole world new.

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