Your covers still were straight and neat,
your nightie flashed its lace.
Remembered then, you’re overseas
to straighten out a mess.
(Oh could you hurry, pretty please!)
I’ll starve without – no less.
I clean the floors and all the doors,
I polish glass, refill the gas,
scrub sparkling tubs
and miss your rubs,
I do the dishes
and feed the fishes.
‘What does he eat’, goes through your mind,
I might as well reveal it,
at Woolies I made this great find:
It’s thirty seconds-meal-it.
And for desert, the old cheesecake,
a bit of chocolate ice,
you want to know what feeds me now
I have no further vice.
The nights are bad and really sad,
I toss and turn, might even snore.
My dream shows I am going mad:
I mumble ‘Darling, MORE! ‘
So, here is counting that you will
come back soon, could you run?
A new suggestion, further still
is ask the pilot, Hon:
If you explain your aching heart
I’m sure he’ll understand.
He’ll crank her up to do his part
to reach our sweet homeland.
Until that time, I must confess
I’m wrapped around your pillow.
I kiss it often, drool no less,
sigh like a weeping willow.
When you arrive I’ll pluck you from
our airport Immigration
and spin you like a CD-Rom
to show you my elation.
And take you home where you belong,
my love, I kiss you sweetly,
and then we listen to our song
by Jacques, he fits in neatly.
You’ll never know how sweet it is
to wake up next to you.
Impatiently wait for your kiss
it’s true that I love YOU.

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