The champion coursing greyhound from Duhallow
Had won perhaps his greatest victory.
Owned by Dan Halloran and trained by his son the black dog
Won his final course with a few lengths to spare
The son of Newdown Heather bred for coursing
Showed great speed to be first to turn the hare.
Running in the nomination of Con Duggan
A greyhound owner since he was a boy
It was a famous victory for Duhallow
A moment for to savour and enjoy.
When Pat’s Newdown won the North Cork cup in Millstreet
On looking back the years they seemed to fly
A cold wind was blowing down from Clara Mountain
And rain clouds were gathering in the evening sky.
I still have mental pictures of Pat’s Newdown
And he racing up the Millstreet Town Park hill
And the Hallorans cheering their great dog to victory
Those memorable moments remain with me still.
When Pat’s Newdown won the North Cork cup at Millstreet
The wind blew chill ’twas cold enough to snow
And the coursing fans in the Town Park were cheering
On that January evening many years ago.

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