When he forgets his real duty,
When he tries to fulfill his greedy desires,
He follows unrighteous way and becomes violent,
Forgetting his original dignity and values,
He means soul no more desires to drive body
But he allows his body to drive him,
Then danger dances in front of him.
A violent man roars to break down others,
Like the thunder breaks cloud’s core,
Violent man cuts his life through jealousy,
Creating terrible situation he blames others,
His vision becomes very blind and worse,
Giving his whole efforts, time and energy,
He provokes himself and causes harm to others,
But when his blood dries up and he feels weak,
He roars but suddenly falls down on ground.
Violent roar does not last for long,
It breaks down and it breaks down soon.
A violent man’s cyclone like long provocation
It does not at all affect a calm and stable man,
Because, stable minded man bows down soon
In front of such cyclonic storm and saves himself,
Cyclone comes and goes away doing timely destruction,
But a calm man keeps courage of re-construction,
A calm man bows down it does not mean that he is defeated,
His little bowing breaks down the big violent roar
And also it breaks down the large cyclonic storm,
Violent roar seems to have huge power
Bit it does not have power at all,
Calmness has great power!
A calm man sure becomes victor!
© Kumarmani Mahakul,28 December 2018. All rights reserved.

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