The Judas sheep up the slaughter ramp to slaughter his own kind lead
But he will not die for he is one the butchers tomorrow need
For to lure more of his kind to death and we like the judas sheep
Behind the person we see as our leader in single file we keep
Whilst on the path to destruction to us he points the way
The one we entrusted with power on National Election Day
The one who only gives us fear and fill our minds with hate
And send young people off to war a war he did instigate
And we the gullible look up to him as one we do admire
The one who is a rogue at heart and a habitual liar.
When we gobble with the turkeys we will never leave the ground
Whilst the eagle in the open sky he calmly soars around
He looks down on Terra Firma from where silent gray clouds float by
One greater than the judas sheep and much greater than I.
I only admire the person who goes by his or her own mind
Who does not join with the others to follow the judas kind
Such people we should listen to as such people are so wise
The power hungry cannot mislead them or flatter them with lies.
When you gobble with the turkeys as a turkey you will stay
Whilst the eagle in the calm sky soars in the bright light of day
And those that we give power to only serve their own interest
The best of the cake they eat themselves and the crumbs left for the rest.

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