What wil be rememebred and forgotten?
What will be real asset? earned honestly or illgooten?
Some of the puuzzling questions unanaswered so far
What are the effects and far raching consequences after war?
Who will be standi g alone ithe lone batle ground and cry?
Not anybody but only we as it was only shameless try
What is the alternative for not falling in prey?
Whom do we stand for and sincerely pray?
It is nice and purposeful means to follow
Calm may prevail after devasating blow
It is natual rule that may prevail
No matter how strong but stands to fail
It is only His love tht may stay supreme
Sunmay always shine with his light and beams
From power or trength I may not be able to speak
The prospect is gloom and future is bleak
Mentally very strong but body becomes weak
It is generally held nothing stays at peak
We can go for termperoty solution
It is transistory gain in return for strong reso; ution
It may not stay for long duration
It is openly spoken with observation
When it is not of permanent natuare
Then what is use of going after
Why not try to win it over by love and affection?
If there is going to be same reaction
As things stand today in real context
No fine print can help with any text
It is useless to prove things in totality
As we have seen its result with futility

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