That stopped.
I felt that way,
When I could not catch my breath.
And you planned it.
I’ve been rocked more than not,
By you.
Rushing back and forth pacing…
When you did not come home.
Or if you did it was late!
You had me tasting hate!
But I can’t forget…
You and I had met to love!
To me then you meant a lot.
And I was faithful.
Until you took me for granted.
To break my heart!
Like it was a piece of cheap meat!
To show no gratitude.
I was there for you.
Down on knees to plead,
Don’t leave.
No more!
You believed that was weakness.
And now you wish for me to swallow pride?
Knowing I’ve been good.
Treating you like I should!
Why now you all up in my ‘grill’?
You left me to seek thrills.
You had me tasting hate!
And what’s on my plate now…
I find delicious.
And happy you are not around to serve,
A bit of it!

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