I was fired off by a very good friend
I thought it will bring about an abrupt end
She was for all praise for good friend
She was no doubt very clear with trend
I said I can improve upon and mend
She was adamant and refused to bend
I had liked her from the beginning
She was fire brand and very shining
Her approach very clear and convincing
I too liked her words without mincing
She was tall in figure and beautiful
I thought she may be equally faithful
She might come up with all that may be purposeful
I too longed for her and was very hopeful
Even though she was far away
I did not feel bad in any way
She had her option very much open
I too was very much hopeful even
She has boyfriend she told
But in fact she proved she is very bold
She would not easily go to any fold
She may be opposed to any idea or very cold
It did not make me sink
I even saw her without any wink
She was merely stating her position
I dreamed about her with very good composition
She will laugh it out at my proposal
She may say it even with quick disposal
She is not for anyone except her friend
She has no proposal in any sense to send
I am not good at such things
I did not expect her for something
She was to remain with me as a companion
She feared and took it for bonding and union
Relation is not built in a day
It is taking may years with days
Who can wait that longer to prove?
I liked her move and did not disapprove
Let her have her own world to live
I have my own to live and believe
Let it not drift away in strong current
The friendship is heavenly sent
I don’t want unusual thing to happen
It must not be felt now or then even
It is her choice to prevail and realize
Who am I to look upon it and oblige?
It is good for me to see her from distance
You can find many examples or good instances
It is touchy relation that may come on surface
One fine morning she may come out with smiling face

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