He doesn’t look honest he does not sound sincere
His statements ambiguous or so ‘twould appear.
He represnts the Nation of us what does that say?
We who elected him as leader on Election day
When he goes overseas he represents us all
This is a great Nation but he makes it seem small.
He jails asylum seekers and punishes the working poor
And for the wealthy he has made life even more financially secure
He favours the wealthy and punishes those on the dole
And his mean spirited Government does not have a soul.
In the Public opinion polls he always does well
And the opposition parties their policies to the voters can’t sell
On polling day few of the poor bother to vote
And of this the Ruling Party have taken note.
So many grow poorer for every new millionaire
Yet he and his Government tell us they are fair
Their huge budget surplus amongst the wealthy they share
And for those with far more than enough they only seem to care.
I did not vote for him and his Government and it rankles with me
That they represent even those who voted against them when they are having high tea
With influential foreign dignitaries, my mistrust of them grows
But having said that such is life I suppose.

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