Oh dear poet, you do not bother at all,
We are with you and we love you very much,
Yes, yes, and yes, we love and trust God.
We love all creatures and all enemies too!
We never hate if he hurts and cuts us
Through his bad words or violent actions,
We forgive him with our tender minds’s power,
Because an enemy is also child ofour God,
He is our brother although he is an atheist,
Although he does not like to hear God’s name
Or he does not like God’s lovers or theists,
Still we never hate him or ignore!
Although an atheist burns hearing God’s glory,
And although he demeans God’s words in anger,
Expressing his demonic views he defames us,
Although his mind is full of jealousy and hate,
Still we forgive him and we grant love!
We have inner conscience and we can judge,
Which is true and which is false near us,
Which is God’s command and which is not,
We can bring out milk and cream from water,
We trust God and we follow his direction,
True direction which inner conscience allows,
We feel this in spark of awakening and wisdom,
We feel God’s precious moment of transformation.
Having trust on God we gain purity and
Positive mind gives us positive thought,
According to thought we perform action,
We motivate life and glorify God’s name.
© Kumarmani Mahakul,08 January 2019. All rights reserved.

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