Poor Mandy a single mother has buried one of her little girls Lorraine
But she has got on with her life and she does not complain.
I appreciate that your worries are very great to you
And that you are not what one might call one of the privileged few
But others have more worries they grieve a family loss
And they like you have little choice but bear their heavy cross
So many good and decent people have tragic stories to tell
And lady luck unkind to them and life for them is hell
Poor Joe the battler with three young children to cancer lost his wife
And though he struggles for to cope he gets on with his life
I know you struggle on a bit and jobs are very few
You’ve got a wife to provide for and a little girl of two
And when you say that times on you are hard you are only saying what’s true
And though you have my sympathy that’s of little worth to you.
You tell me you are out of work and that it’s an uphill fight
But at the end of your dark tunnel there is a beam of light
And you will find another job though it may take some time
For you have a good work record and you’re still in your prime.

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