That their profit margins should be greater and is there an end to their greed
And in helping the social divide to grow bigger they somehow do seem to succeed.
On working people with house mortgages they keep on piling up the interest and their repayment penalty rates they apply
And they wonder why so many do not like them and they even ask the question why
So many look on us as greedy since any business a profit must show
But those who knock us because of our huge profits so little of commerce do know.
Just one branch of the ugly side of bureaucracy for every millionaire they create
They leave far too many the poorer for to face an uncertain financial fate
For those who fall behind on their mortgage repayments their homes without their permission they do sell
Without caring if they render them homeless and if they make their lives for them hell.
They pay their C E O’s millions in annual salaries these bureaucrats who cannot see it as unfair
That thousands must have to grow poorer for every newly proclaimed millionaire
Their money lending institutions for them a source of huge profit these people who lack compassion and who don’t give a care
For the battlers who give them their billions in the bigger World out there.

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