For you to sit and do that with.
I don’t know if I should be suspicious,
Or flattered by it all.
Whether or not I should take the scenic view…
Or leave you feeling quite appalled!
You’ve selected me for your trip?
Would you wish to reconsider,
Your decision to do this?
You must be out for adventure?
And someone told you I could provide?
But let me warn you before you strap in…
The roads I prefer to take,
Will shake you up a bit…
And offer a bumpy ride.
I’m use to it.
Although it’s not detected,
In the smoothness of my glide.
You’ve selected me for your trip?
And even though I am amused by it.
I will suggest you research a bit.
Because what you think will be a common undertaking…
Might actually leave you vomiting in fits!
In a heartbreaking display.
And I may enjoy the act of getting you sick.
If you keep determined,
I am the one to provide your fun…
Before you have a chance,
To go away…
‘You are mad! ‘
Do not begin with flattery!
I am more accustomed to the sounds of screams.

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