Not a very good man of beauty but he is a little handsome,
His poetic heart is made of love, soul are the sweet whistles,
In the blue background he is mild and pink no more quarrelsome,
Cats and birds state on oath, ‘My Lord he is truly handsome! ‘
And He replies He has given some beauty even to the ugliest
Whistles for the eagles and love of music for the human heart
Path of peace is love, it’s good, it’s better and it is the best
Service and help is returned to a poet by a poem of art,
His poem is a mirror in that it’s my image so nicely reflected,
Otherwise man has left nothing to make my face refracted!
Look, how soft, how mild, how loving is a poet’s face,
Knocked and softened are the doors opened by pink skies,
He materializes his thoughts and my reward is the grace
In a blue background he is a pink aurora bird that flies
Flies with a speed more than that of light, to me so close,
Kiss me by kissing him he is my most lovely rose!

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