With successive strokes of faith, go forward cutting the angry waves
And keep muttering the name of the kinsman of your existence.
Boatman, keep singing your soul-crushing song in his name.
In his name, raise an uncontrollable uproar of wailing. Watch the River resonate under the green wind, resonate the banks and waves.
In this wind, boatman, blow your sail of faith.
In his name, the night blooms into dawn shedding down all darkness.
In his name, the moon splits into two pieces of watermelon.
In his name, the river turns into the desired spring of honey.
Keep singing in his name, boatman, the song of faith.
If you cherish the coast of fortune having cut the angry waves,
With the oar in hand, o boatman, start singing ‘Rasul! Rasul*! ‘

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