Open my heart with a flower of forgiveness,
Make my blood a carrier of the molten glow!
Close my brain for selfishness and killing hate,
Open my nervous system for my best of feeling,
Open my nerves to welcome whatever is my fate,
Make my whole body a subject of your healing!
Close my pen for the writes that hurt a heart,
Open it to be dipped in the ink pot of a blue liquid,
Open it to the pious dew frozen even on a thwart,
Make my blood neutral neither an alkali nor an acid!
Close my lungs exhaling anything polluting my grave,
Open it for hopes and sweep out all its uncalled fears
Sweetheart you attacked the heart of a lover so brave,
Make my death a smile no worry no sorrow no tears!
Come to me slowly like the showers of summer rains,
Come to me for a pink stain to my silky white shirt,
If it’s earned in love, don’t count stains as the stains,
I’ll be same you’ll be same but new will be a flirt!

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