They were vulnerable. But they trusted that God was so close to them. Her faith in God sustained her. It was a faith that felt the light when the night was so dark.
Immacule’e wrote: ‘ I literally felt the fear pumping through my veins, and my blood was on fire. I struggled to form an image of God in my mind.
I imagined two pillars of brilliant white light burning in front of me like two giant legs. I wrapped my arms around the legs, like a frightened child clinging to her mother. I begged God to fill me with his light and strength, to cast out the dark energy from my heart. I am holding to you my God, and I do not doubt that you can save me. I will not let go of you until you send the killers away.
She became the hope of her six companions. She became a source of light in her tremendous faith in God and the killers went away.

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