Sink yourself in the ocean of two eyes,
Life is between two lovely soft arms.
Kiss smile of roses that blossom on her face,
Kiss line of love in the pair of her palms.
Those in love are nice gentlemen,
If one is deprived he loses his norms.
Kiss the mirror while watching your face,
Love is a beauty whatever may its forms.
Why are you burning in the fire of hate?
Look at the ashes of the melting norms.
Get rid of hate it’s a friend you need,
See magic of love that a friend performs.
Forgive your enemy send a bouquet to him,
Melt ice of the past with a gift that warms.
Message of Christmas is help and service,
Icing of the cake is love that warms.
At least exchange few words that are pleasant,
It’s eve of Christmas bid farewell to the arms.

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