and what I did secretly,
What I got I in aurora of a dawn,
I didn’t see in that of dusk,
I lost beauty with the sweats,
sweats melted the color
you gave to my face,
where is my glace,
where is my grace,
ahead of me is a night,
whether a dark night,
or a moon lit night,
I don’t know,
so I forgive every one,
who gave me pains,
and in return
I hope the same,
I know lives
that have senses to feel pains,
if forgive me,
God will erase the guilt
from my conscience,
that is how He forgives us,
I am hopeful
I shall sleep
with a neat and clean conscious,
this neatness
this cleanliness
will get in my sub conscious
and from there to my unconscious,
with a holy ego
I shall hug and kiss my super ego,
and through out the night,
I don’t know
how long it would be,
I shall dream of beauty,
beauty that leads to love,
love that leads to peace,
I am hopeful of a pleasant sleep,
till an eternal dawn,
with aurora
that will not melt with sweats,
so I forgive every one,
who gave me pains,
not because I am a saint,
I am a selfish man,
I forgive every one
I need the same from others!

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