Or are we given this experience…
To exist to witness others succeed?
Are we to take life as an expected gift?
To sit in anticipation…
As life should come to us,
To breeze through easily.
From birth to achieve one’s purpose,
Like steps come in increments.
First there is a crawling done.
To stand up tall to fall.
Ignoring to stall these as minor incidents.
Is not this life to live with such a preference?
No flying from a leap…
Some believe taken in clean sweeps,
To not repeat…
Incompleted lessons.
From birth to achieve one’s purpose,
In sessions God dictates.
Although some prefer to stay whining like babies.
Hoping an empathy negates their impatient wait.
And some are often praised,
When they leave implusive scars…
To leave marks condone!
By others shown…
They too were raised to be just as crazed!
With the effects of this to go unquestioned.
Since their beliefs are released…
For a complete infestation for others to reap.
As reality takes a backseat…
While continuing to be depleted.

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