Run faster and overtake the hate,
If required traffic rules you may violate,
Buck Up! I can read your thoughts on your face,
So you have started thinking to win this race,
I know you are weak and you are too old,
But within you is one, who is pure gold,
Even if you failed to win this race,
The gold will inherit your desire and pace,
Fed by his mother he’ll grow up in a splinter
Your gold is destined to be a winner.
Melt this gold in love to learn how to run
How to win a race in a pleasure and a fun,
For hate it’s a troublesome and tiring fatigue
So it’s unfair, thinks and plans an intrigue.
Fair you are my love! Just need a fair lady,
She has already chasing you and she is ready.
Miss Justice is nice, so beautiful and so much kind
She feels, she heals, she avenges but she is blind!

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