If for drink go my shoes,
I shall still have my feet.
A maiden and wine,
With sweet music and song,–
I would they were mine,
All life’s journey along!
If I depart from this sad sphere,
And leave a will behind me here,
A suit at law will be preferr’d,
But as for thanks,–the deuce a word!
So ere I die, I squander all,
And that a proper will I call.
Hallo there! A glass!
Ha! the draught’s truly sweet
If thou keepest thy shoes,
Thou wilt then spare thy feet.
A maiden and wine,
With sweet music and song,
On pavement, are thine,
All life’s journey along!
No door has my house,
No house has my door;
And in and out ever
I carry my store.
No grate has my kitchen,
No kitchen my grate;
Yet roasts it and boils it
Both early and late.
My bed has no trestles,
My trestles no bed;
Yet merrier moments
No mortal e’er led.
My cellar is lofty,
My barn is full deep,
From top to the bottom,–
There lie I and sleep.
And soon as I waken,
All moves on its race;
My place has no fixture,
My fixture no place.

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