He wanted to be spared for the sleeping mermaid
‘I have brought something more.’ he said.
‘A set of jewellery for me? ‘ like a child she clapped
‘No it’s not.’, Her pink cheek he lovingly slapped.
‘It must be a silk suit imported from Japan.’
‘it’s a Kanjeevaram Sari made in Hindustan.’
Dark in colours, for your fair complexion not a misfit,
I like a woman in a sari, love is easy in it.
‘Spare me for some time.’ He further said,
‘I have brought something else for my mermaid.’
‘She already has a beautiful doll and it’s a female,
It must be a naughty boy like you, a perfect male! ‘
‘Yes, it’s a toy but not a play boy, rather innocent.
‘A teddy bear, it doesn’t talk too much indecent.
It needs only love and care, it’s not made of clay,
I shall gift it to my love on the Happy Teddy Day.’

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