I am not a flower by any helpless birth
I have my own specific and charming worth.
Wordsworth violet was half hidden from the eyes
And had sprung by a mossy stone
I do not twinkle like a lonely Venus on the skies
I have my own flush and my own bone.
My colors are capable of singing a song
A song that Lucy could not sing
I shall not live unknown, I am strong,
I am Lucy of twenty-first century’s spring.
I shall not die before I love, I shall not cease to be
My loving poet will not cry on my untimely death
Don’t go to my grave so soon my lover will see
Born in different conditions of amenities and health!
I can face the coolness of an icy storm
My eyes are on the coming lovely spring
I have a beautiful, determined and lasting form
Shall sing the song of life, with me rains will also sing.
With different autumn and winter I’m Lucy returned
I have sprung in an ageratum plant always green,
Elizabeth I gone, it’s time of Elizabeth the second
I am outcome of an era Wordsworth never seen
I am a teen aged girl of a new developed century
I am free to think and act according to my will
I am not a slave girl of an Elizabethan country
The whole world is for me with all its heat and chill.

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