Each fine day.
With the richest
Young man at its
Call, at its bay.
I see your dog
Breakfast on a table
Just few yards away
From the most beautiful
Lady of our world
Feeding it meat fry.
I see your dog
Just after the lunch
On velvet cushions lay
A cosy and deep sleep
To keep it happy, warm
Free from a fly.
I see your dog
Ride a car in the aft
With the angel of the town
Sitting abreast it,
Her gown cladding scanty
Her bare, fair skin.
I see your dog
Partying in the Evening
With the VIPs of the city
Mermaids in the veils,
Kings of the sales
Patting on its fur
While I wait at,
There a lay man
For everyone at the door.

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