That will constantly remind the futility of life
Something to be feared of double edge of knife
What will I do if offered or given a chance?
What will be my first priority at once?
Will it be for amassing wealth?
Or maintaining high status with good health
None of it either for silly cause
It is not asked for making same use
It is for something new and innovative
Life with aim, to be precise and very subjective
I would air lovely music in air with lovely peace message
That may be liked by the groups of different ages
I may compose verses that may remain for years to come
Read by all alike and recite it to welcome
I would love to practice only one thing
The human being’s mind is little difficult from something
You won’t know what is actually going inside
The perception and actual performance largely remains wide
If I am blessed with divine sight and vision
I shall take care to see that there remains no more confusion
I could rehearse and put it on fresh pages
Your divinity with purpose and purges
I may have endless journey
Traveling across without any wealth or money
Spreading across necessarily a universal brotherhood
To start with and know the mind of neighborhood
If I can win the tiny hearts of some people
I shall certainly prove capable
My rebirth will be accomplished with good fame
Work will never be undone with shame
Deliver me blow in sound sleep
So I have little chance to weep
At least I may have satisfaction of being provided
The much awaited rebirth with all the good work coincided

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