Your Guardian Angel

Last night, I slept not
For you were in my mind.

I ponder everything
That happened between us,
Every single word you said.

Oh! How I wish I were
Your guardian angel
For an angel, you call me.

But I wish I could
Guard you under my wings.

You are the sweetest
Of all memories I
Ever had or will have.

You make me happy
Like no one else.

But I dreamt stealing
Into your room and
Kissing your cheek softly,
Perhaps, a butterfly kiss.

I haven’t seen you
Yet I knew you right away.

What I feel is not
Compassion or pity.
The substance is
Love, Dave, and I
Want you to realize it.

I say I love you
With all my heart.
There’s nothing I
Won’t do for you.
Be it my life.

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