I accept it, my fault.
I shouldn’t have
Even let you
Into my heart.

My folly, I agree
Made my life
Miserable than ever.
I simply can’t help it.

I am foolish,
It’s true.
I dream of you
All night long.

I tried with every
Bit of strength left
To stop loving you.

But I’ve faltered
Like all times.

I used to think
I was strong.

Thought I’d never
Fall love’s prey.

But this fatal love
Poisoned my thoughts.

It has spread like
A contaminating disease.

I yearn to be able
To cease loving you.

Yet the more I try,
With more strength does
Love hit my insides.

I don’t die
Or it would have
Died with me.

I live with pain
In my heart
Of never reaching
Where you are.

You make my heart
Pound louder with
Every glimpse of you.

It’s painful, I say
For someone like me.

I thought myself
Prudent enough.

But here, I prove myself
A fool in the matter of love.

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