though attractive was the hell.
How naughty is it like a beacon on an island
throws light on beautiful mermaids
invites me to swim to a fairy land.
It switches off the lights and the mermaids appear,
when I stripe and put on a swimming costume,
with frightening jaws the goddesses of fear.
Dear heart! Sitting in the basement of a church
Why do you play with a so big bell
the two different tunes that clutch,
You start with a pleasant tune that invites
ending with a frightening tune that stops,
who is in the basement, why he excites?
I don’t know who is he, a naughty player?
sometimes a youth sometimes a wise old man
my friendly lover or a slayer!
One day I may break the chains of the bell
I can’t continue as a helpless toy
I am now tired of tunes, annoyed I tell! !

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