I’m merely a dress,
With strain and stress,
Wear me, wear me,
Why don’t you see?
I am in darkness,
I need your brightness.
I want to be brightened,
Please make me enlightened
With a silky pious light,
In this moonless night.
So short is the life!
And age is the knife!
I had always been waiting!
In your book my rating!
The new sun so bright,
Making myself a light,
Making me enlightened,
More shining more brightened,
New morning of creation,
With a new generation,
Decorating, the souls in painful distresses,
With colorful dresses,
Shall awake in descendants, confident and sure,
Like a rainbow after rains.
Having remedy and cure,
No pains, no strains.
(Being inspired by Ruma Chaudhry’s Bengali poem ‘Alor Prokashay’)

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